Nomination Process

Nomination Process

Nomination is free of cost.

Nomination to be filled online starting from 5th January, 2022.

The nomination form for ITGA includes two parts. Part-A includes the filling up of personal and professional details and Part-B

includes the submission of nominee's CV, evidence in the form of PPT/PDF or video link.

The nominee shall receive an email for furnishing Part-B with a link to submit the CV and evidences after completing Part-A.

The evidence should include the problem statement, solution/innovations, findings and recommendation/testimonials.

Submission of evidence using PDF/PPT/Video.

Online IT proficiency test.

Short-listing of entries by jury members in different award categories.

Online interview of top 20 nominees and declaration of results.

Online felicitation of IT Gurus 2022.

The jury can change the nomination process depending upon the number of nomination received.